COVID-19 Protocol Update July 1, 2021. We are continuing to ask that all patients and family members who enter our office to continue to wear a mask. A lot of out patients are immunocompromised and we want to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

Medicine Done Differently.

Healthy is not merely the absence of disease. It is the presence of wellness and a sense of well-being”
—Dr. Renae Mayer

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Diet & Wellness

We look at the whole person to design a wellness plan that is personalized to your health needs.

Depression & Mood

We help many patients manage anxiety, depression, and mood disorders, creating personalized care with a focus on brain and gut health.

Chronic Conditions

Symptoms such as chornic pain and chronic fatigue can be challenging to understand and diagnose.



We help find the causes of your auto-immune conditions and treatments that work for you.

Personalized Medicine

Custom Health & Wellness


We combine conventional, alternative, and holistic medicine to find the right treatments for you.
Acupuncture Services

Stimulate Healing


For many different types of conditions, acupuncture can help manage pain and help the body's own natural healing.

Nutrition and Wellness

Herbs & Supplements


Discover natural alternatives to some conventional medicines. Certain foods and herbs are just as effective.


Currently accepting new patients. Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Mayer. (918) 488-9874

Monday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Tuesday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Wednesday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm

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Patient Testimonial

Best Doctor & staff I’ve ever seen! Hands down.

Jesse M

Patient Testimonial

I’ve been under Dr. Mayer’s care for blood clot control for around 14 years. She is an excellent physician!! She does regular lab checks to closely monitor my levels to manage my medication. She discusses my overall health issues and is quick to research things that come up and gives me information to help me. She is not intimidating and is easy to talk with. She also makes you feel at ease. Her knowledge is far beyond just one area of medicine. She’s happy to share what she has learned if it might apply to you too. She has gone above and beyond to determine how to manage my medicine when I’ve had to have a medical procedure with little lead time. She’s a wonderful caring Dr. and really wants to know how I am feeling! I see other Dr’s for various things but she’s my favorite and I look forward to my visits with her! Her staff is very accommodating too! They are quick to get answers and touch base with Dr. Mayer when required. Always friendly, willing to help and on the ball! Overall it’s a great medical practice from the Dr. to her staff!!

Cindy H.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Mayer and her staff are amazing! I highly recommend Dr. Mayer for your health issues as she always takes the time to listen to her patients, helps you feel comfortable, and offers expert medical care in a friendly and positive environment.

Lauren S.

Patient Testimonial

Very wonderful doctor and office staff. Professional, kind and listened to my concerns. Dr. Mayer went above and beyond to help.


Patient Testimonial

Dr. Mayer is very thorough, listens to your concerns, and really cares about you as a person. She’s a great Physician!

Eric M.

Patient Survey

Dr. Renae Mayer is amazing! She seems to truly care about her patients. I didn’t feel rushed and wasn’t made to feel just like another number. Her staff are also wonderful, I felt that her assistant was well aligned with how Dr. Mayer’s practice is run and she treated me with the same patience, respect, and care as Dr. Mayer. I would highly recommend this office and Dr. Mayer to others. I prefer overall wellness and prevention methods as opposed to just treating symptoms and I really got the impression that the goals of this office, aligns with my goals and approach to my health needs.

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Survey

Dr. Renae Mayer is awesome. She’s very informative and thorough and attentive.

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Survey

I was very impressed with the process and the professionalism during my EHE visit

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Survey

The doctor and staff were awesome and their new office is even better. Great experience!!!

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Survey

The doctor was phenomenal she actually listened and wasn’t in a rush to get me out best doctor visit I have ever had

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Survey

The staff and physician did a great job…..I will be glad to go back again next year.

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Review

The staff was very professional and courteous to my needs. Awesome job!

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Review

My experience at LifeStyle Medicine was great! Dr. Mayer did a great job during my visit. She was one of the greatest doctors I have ever seen. The staff at this facility was outstanding as well. They represent how all visits should go. Outstanding Job!!

Executive Physical Patient

Patient Review

Dr. Mayer is the best doctor I’ve ever had. She spends a great deal of time with you, listens to all of your concerns, and answers all of your questions. She’s genuinely caring and very thorough. She’s cared for my mother, husband, and myself for many years. Her staff is amazing and also extremely kind and thorough. I’ve had several doctors over the years, but she by far is the best Physician I’ve ever had. I highly recommend her and you’ll never be disappointed in having Dr. Mayer being your physician!

R. H.

Patient Review

Wonderful Dr. and staff go above and beyond to take care of their patients. She takes her time to explain and makes sure you understand everything before you walk out the door. I highly recommend her you will not regret choosing her as your Dr.

A. V.

Patient Review

5 stars

M. H.

Patient Review

Dr. Mayer listens and takes time with every visit. I always get a quick response when I call or email. Her and her staff are professional and friendly.

D. J.

Patient Testimonial

My Wife and I are always treated with the utmost respect and care. The service we receive is second to none. Thank You LifeStyle Medicine.

John & Brenda

J. O.

Patient Testimonial

Dr. Mayer is extremely creative in responding to each patient’s needs. Because she has far fewer patients, as a Concierge, she can give more attention to the needs of each person. She believes in healthy diets, vitamins and paying attention to what you purchase at the grocery store. She can tell you if something you’re eat or taking as a supplement isn’t right for you. I trust her advice and truly appreciate the option of having concierge medicine.

E. R.

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