About us

Despite the busy world we live in, we all somehow find a bit of time to try to take care of ourselves. Some of us exercise, some of us buy only organic and others simply schedule Botox every 4 months. At Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Renae Mayer is taking the science of being healthy and the art of living well to a whole new level.

Medical Wellness (also known as Functional Medicine) has been an answer for the hundreds of patients that come to Dr. Mayer saying, “I’m not sick. I just don’t feel good”. Whether it is fatigue, lack of energy, poor sleep, or the inability to lose weight, Metabolic Medicine is often the answer. Metabolic Medicine will really and truly make you feel better.

Lifestyle Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the patient as-a-whole, instead of focusing on the disease entity; treats the cause of the symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves and prevents progression to life-long disease by showing patients how to optimize their health now and prevent progression to disease. After all, nothing feels as good as simply feeling good. Read more about what we call, Medicine Done Differently.