Telehealth Visits

Telehealth visits are still offered in our office but only for extreme circumstances. Dr. Mayer prefers to be able to do a thorough evaluation on each patient and having you in office is important. Please contact us to learn more about telehealth visits.

What you need to know and do:

  • Phone needed
    A Smart phone with a working camera and microphone is required.  We are happy to assist you in setting up your phone to ensure you are comfortable using it for the visit. No special App or website is required with our electronic medical record.
  • Insurance coverage
    Patients contact their insurance company prior to scheduling the visit to inquire if Telehealth visits are currently reimbursed.  Most insurance companies have set a date to end Telehealth coverage.
  • Scheduling the visit
    Contact our office and let us know that you wish to schedule a Telehealth visit. The consent form/process will be discussed with you prior to the visit.
  • Day of the visit
    You will be contacted by phone 15-30 minutes before the visit to provide our office with your “vital signs” and a review of your current symptoms.  Insurance companies require that we obtain and record physical measurements including pulse, weight and blood pressure. If labs have been drawn prior to the visit, we will email a copy of the labs to you for discussion during the visit.
  • Time of the visit
    You will have completed your call with our office staff providing vital signs and symptoms and ended the call.  After a few minutes, our office will send a “link” to your phone to which you will respond.  Once you respond, you will have a visit where you and Dr. Mayer can see and hear each other.  Just as in an office visit, you will be asked questions and provide information.  A plan will be put together at the end of the visit and emailed to you.