Nikki Montgomery, A.S.
PRACTICE MANAGER – LifeStyle Medicine, Inc
Nikki joined LSM in January 2020 and is originally from the Bartlesville area. She has a medical, social work and information technology background. Her very unique set of skills has been a perfect fit in our office. Many of you have already met Nikki at an office visit when she obtained your intake information, vital signs or drew blood. She will be working in the practice to make sure all of our charts are up to date and accurate. Additionally, she is reviewing all of our procedures and practices to ensure our office operates as efficiently as possible. This will allow us to so provide the highest level of care to our patients. On our website, she will be providing routine updates and information tidbits related to practice matters.

Carol Harris, BSN RN
Carol Harris is a native of Tulsa, OK and a graduate from the Oxley College of Health Sciences School of Nursing at the University of Tulsa. Carol has gained experience in both the inpatient and outpatient setting, but has discovered her passion for nutrition and wellness since joining Lifestyle Med Inc. She seeks to encourage and promote wellness in patients through the power of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Carol has recently completed a plant-based nutrition course through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. In her free time, she likes to cook, run, garden, and go on hikes with her husband, Michael and their dog Teddy.

Finn was a surrendered service dog who suffered post-traumatic stress from his experiences. He was adopted and eventually completed the training required to become a registered therapy dog. He worked for several years at a local rehab hospital, helping among the patients and staff. Finn has been recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia. He stepped down from his full-time job and now periodically works with people to help decrease their stress and anxiety. He goes to therapy weekly and loves spending time with his family, taking them on daily walks. Finn is trained to discern when a person is feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. He “leans into” these individuals to help with these emotions. He loves to be around people and offer support whenever he can.