What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Despite the busy world we live in, we all somehow find a bit of time to try to take care of ourselves.  Some of us exercise, some of us buy only organic and others simply schedule Botox every 4 months. At Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Renae Mayer is taking the science of being healthy and the art of living well to a whole new level.

Medical Wellness (also known as Functional Medicine) has been an answer for the hundreds of patients that come to Dr. Mayer saying, “I’m not sick.  I just don’t feel good”. Whether it is fatigue, lack of energy, poor sleep, or the inability to lose weight, Metabolic Medicine is often the answer.  Metabolic Medicine will really and truly make you feel better.

In Traditional Medicine, we are taught how to treat symptoms and disease after the fact. The typical medical school curriculum offers very little teaching to doctors on how to help keep their patients healthy. Medical Wellness, on the other hand, is dedicated to keeping the human body healthy and functioning optimally.  In other words, it focuses on preventing symptoms and disease before they can even get started

  • How well is your body turning the food you eat into energy?
  • How well is your liver detoxifying the world you are exposed to on a daily basis?  
  • Are GI bacteria doing what they are supposed to and keeping you strong and healthy or has bad bacteria or yeast taken over?  
  • Is the stress you are exposed to in your daily life being adequately dealt with or have chronically elevated stress hormones left you at risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes?  

These are just a few of the questions a Metabolic Medicine work-up will answer.  Everything offered or recommended at Lifestyle Medicine is evidenced-based. Meaning there are scientific studies to back up all recommendations.  “If it has not been studied, then I don’t include it in my recommendations,” says Dr. Mayer.

Patients are continually surprised to find the smallest of changes create huge results.  Once labs are tested and patients are explained the results, they are quick to see that a lot of what Dr. Mayer recommends is simply common sense.  This is because treating the CAUSE of something just makes sense as compared to putting the proverbial “band aide” on the SYMPTOMS.

A Metabolic Medicine work up can be all-encompassing or it can be as simple as making sure your hormones are balanced.  Since hormones have a lot to do with how our systems communicate and therefore how we feel, they are the logical starting point for many patients.   

Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are not just the sex hormones, they are the body’s anabolic or ‘healing and repair’ hormones.  The body’s catabolic or ‘wear and tear’ hormone is Cortisol.  As we age our healing and repair hormones go down dramatically, but the wear and tear hormone does not.  Too much wear and tear and not enough healing and repair is more commonly known as good, old-fashioned AGING.  By making sure your hormones are balanced and optimized, Dr. Mayer helps slow the aging process. “Besides that,” Dr. Mayer is quick to point out, “you will just feel better, a lot better.”  If you struggle with:

  • low energy,
  • loss of stamina,
  • difficulty losing weight,
  • insomnia, anxiety,
  • depression,
  • loss of libido,
  • decreased muscle strength,
  • increased aches and pains
  • memory problems,
  • difficulty concentrating

…well then, balancing and optimizing your hormones may be the answer!

The intangible benefits that come with feeling good are limitless and nothing can make you look your best if you don’t truly feel your best.