What to Eat and What Steer Clear of During Allergy Season

Citrus: The essential oils found in fruits like oranges, tangerines and lemons have an antihistamine effect that can help relax nasal passages.

Grapes: Red grapes contain a mix of antioxidants believed to help inhibit inflammation in the airways and ease allergy symptoms like swollen sinuses and congestion.

Almonds: People who eat nuts at least three times a week suffer less wheezing symptoms during allergy seasons than those who don’t. Due to a rich source of antioxidant-filled Vitamin E, almonds act as a natural anti-inflammatory for airways.

Broccoli: Also known as one of the healthiest foods for runners, this Vitamin C-rich vegetable helps to clear out blocked-up sinuses. Researchers have found that about 500 mg of Vitamin C a day can ease allergy symptoms. 1 cup of this superfood contains about 80 mg.

Cocoa: Here is all the excuse you need to load up on dark chocolate the next time you find yourself in the checkout line. Studies found that test subjects fed a cocoa-enriched diet four 4 weeks had lower levels of allergy-causing IgE than those fed a normal diet.

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