A Message from LifeStyle Aesthetics & Therapeutics

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a trying situation for all of us and I’m really looking forward to spending time with you once we are cleared to provide aesthetic and therapeutic services to you again! While I absolutely love seeing you in my treatment room, I always provide recommendations to my clients for their “at home” skin care protocol. Until I’m able to visit with you, I thought I’d share some easy-to-follow recommendations while we’re practicing social distancing in our homes.  

1. Go Outside. There are two critical reasons for this.  If you’re able to, make sure you go outside when the weather permits-even if it’s briefly. According to WebMD, “Circadian rhythms refer to the shifts in the body’s biological process that happen over 24 hours, partly in response to light and darkness”. If you are only absorbing artificial light-your sleep cycle will suffer. And quality sleep is imperative to overall good skin care health. In addition, your skin needs to get enough Vitamin D. This helps your skin cells grow and repair themselves! It also builds your skin’s immune system. And it costs nothing. 
2. Diet Plays a Huge Role in Healthy Skin. If you can, increase consumption of antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, so it’s important to fuel your body with these ingredients. If you have skin care products which contain these (like Eminence Organic Skin Care) that is ideal. Some examples of antioxidants include:  Vitamin C, Green Tea, Olive Leaf, Licorice Root and Pomegranate. Alternatively, you can incorporate antioxidants into your diet if you aren’t already. Some suggestions: blueberries, sweet potatoes, strawberries, and broccoli are all good food sources of antioxidants.
3. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE. If you are picking at an already inflamed pimple or cyst, you are adding debris and delaying its healing. Even with all of the hand-washing we are doing, bacteria still resides on your hands. 
4. Exercise Regularly. You can do this at home or outside (again, depending on if you’re able to) Things like yoga, walking and running increase blood flow to the skin and help rid it of toxins. It also decreases stress, which is beneficial for so many reasons. Stress has been proven to have very unsightly effects on the skin.  
5. Drink Water. Get plenty of H20 and don’t overdo it with caffeinated beverages. Health professionals recommend 8(8 oz) glasses per day. You can also make sure you get enough water by enjoying caffeine-free herbal teas or add some fruit to your water to make it more palatable. Besides the obvious effects of dehydrated skin, a lack of hydration can worsen under-eye circles and exacerbate acne. 
6. Daily Skin Care: A. More isn’t better and too much product can clog pores. You’ll want to be sure and cleanse the skin then apply the thinnest, water-like products (like serums) first then follow up with heavier oils or moisturizers. These will seal in everything else-creating a barrier between your skin and the air.  
B. Treat the neck and décolletage just as you would your face. Both are susceptible to the same signs of aging and skin damage as the face. 
C. Also, keep in mind that the skin repairs itself overnight. This is the ideal time to use those heavier creams or retinols. 
D. And because we’ve been cooped up inside, your skin may be getting dry and flaky. Gentle exfoliation will help remove the dead layers of skin so that your skin care products are more effective. I recommend using an exfoliator with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) which are gentle but effective. 
E. Facial massage is a quick way to boost circulation and give your skin a natural glow. You can use a tool, like a jade roller or your fingertips. Be sure you do this with a serum or oil so as not to create too much friction. 
F. And finally, if you are outside for a significant amount of time, be sure your moisturizer contains SPF.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns about your skin! Click here to contact us. We will send updates, as they become available, for scheduling appointments! 

Warmest Regards,
LifeStyle Medicine