Congratulations and Farewell to Judy—Dr. Mayer’s Nurse for over 10 Years!

Many of you know that Judy previously lived, worked in and longed to return to California. She has a daughter and 5 beautiful grandchildren living there. In the past year, Judy met a wonderful gentleman named Edgar. They decided to move to California and get married! Judy’s last day at LifeStyle Medicine was August 13. She has arrived in California and is getting situated including training in her new job. We understand that a beach wedding will be sometime in the near future!

Normally, we would have scheduled an open house and invited patients to visit with Judy and express their appreciation for the care she has given over the years. With Covid-19 concerns that was not possible. However, we invite you to send Judy an email at sharing your thoughts and best wishes.

She will forever be a friend to LifeStyle Medicine, Inc. and assures us that she will return to visit when she is in Tulsa. We will send out routine updates on what Judy is doing and pictures of the beach!

Personal note from Dr. Mayer
I have been so blessed the past 10 years to work as a team with Judy taking care of patients. Together, we put our heads together to figure out how to do the necessary things to start a medical practice. We figured out EMRs, online lab ordering and pre-authorizations and insurance issues. Judy was willing to learn and deal with all the new services that I brought into the office. I wanted to “do medicine differently” by listening to each person’s story and providing quality care to each person. Judy was the force that made that happen. She was always professional, dependable, honest, patient, kind, loyal and willing to put in the extra effort to get things done. Many of you knew that she arrived in the office EVERY day before 7:30 AM! There is no question that I will dearly miss Judy. While we will be hiring a new nurse, I will never be able to replace Judy. I am very happy that she is moving on to the next chapter in her life in a place and with someone that she loves. I believe the good seeds she planted for so long while we worked together will come to abundantly bless her in the future.